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Why Use LeasingKC.com?
Your Most Reliable Site to Find Apartments and Rental Homes in the Greater Kansas City Area!
Real Video Tours!
Every rental listing on our site has a VIDEO TOUR of the property and/or floor-plans to give you an accurate depiction of the space you might be living in! Why waste time driving around town seeing places when you can tour them from your computer or mobile device at home or on the go?
No Sign-Up Required!
We don’t require any registration or fee to view our listings and we never use your personal information for marketing or mailings! Browse our listings and if you find a property you like, simply fill out the “Contact Property” box to be put in touch directly with a leasing agent at each property! It’s that SIMPLE!
Up-To-Date Information!
We strive to provide the most up-to-date information for each listing as possible.  On every listing you will find information about the unit, community, floor plans, location, and amenities!  Every listing you view will have the most accurate pricing information updated by the managers or leasing agents themselves!
Locally Owned!
LeasingKC is a locally owned and operated company. Every member believes in the motto, “actions speak louder than words.” Our mission is to show every customer that we are the new standard of innovation when it comes to rental marketing. LeasingKC is also a Veteran owned company!